Applying For A Permit For Your Driveway

Driveway Permit ApplicationVillage requirements for asphalt and concrete paving Permit Application:

• Many villages request that you apply for a permit prior to replacing your driveway.

• You or your contractor may apply for the permit at the village hall.

• Some villages will require a plat of survey from your residence.

• Typical permits range from $40-$100, however prices may vary from village to village.

• Permits typically take 1-14 days to obtain. Once the permit has been received, you must hang it at a visible location at all times during the construction process.

Pre-pour Inspection:

• Pre-pour inspections typically require a 24-48 hour notice to the village.

• After your driveway has been removed, an inspector from the village will make sure the base (gravel underneath your driveway) is compacted, graded, and to village requirements.

• After the inspection has been completed, the inspector will approve or deny the contractor’s request to finish installing the driveway.

• If the inspector does not approve the inspection, you or the contractor will have to schedule a re-inspection with the village or inspector.

Final Inspection:

• Upon completion of your driveway, you or your contractor should call for a final inspection.

• The inspector will then inspect the driveway to see if it complies with village codes. Once he has approved, he will sign off on the permit as completed.

• Keep your permit somewhere safe for your records.

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