Measuring Your Driveway

When choosing to replace your driveway, cost is often times the deciding factor.  To help calculate cost, you must first know the measurements of your driveway. Most contractors will give you your driveway measurements, but if you would rather take them yourself, it’s a quite simple and fast process.

Measuring tape on asphalt 176Taking your own measurements helps you

• Get an idea of how much material will be needed

• Helps keep your contractor honest.

• Can make your permit process proceed more smoothly should you apply for a permit yourself.

What you need

• Tape measure

• Calculator

To calculate square footage, you must

• Measure the length of your driveway in linear feet.

• Measure the width of your driveway in linear feet.

• Multiply the length x width to calculate the total square footage of your driveway.

Online measuring tool

If your driveway is too big to measure with an ordinary tape measure or you have an irregular shaped driveway, you can try our instant quote tool that allows you to measure your own driveway and make selections.  Try it for free at this link:

Measure at your own risk!

*Though satellite measuring is quite accurate, it should not be considered as exact measurements for your home driveway and we recommend having on-site measurements taken prior to proceeding with any contract.

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