Driveway Maintenance

Spending a little money on driveway maintenance can go a long way. In some cases, properly maintaining your driveway can almost double the life expectancy of your asphalt pavement. Below is a list of items you can do to get the most out of your driveway.

Sealed vs Unsealed

Sealcoat that driveway

When it comes to protecting your asphalt pavement, sealcoating is the best option.
Benefits of Sealcoating
• Protection against water, oxidation, uv rays, and other elements.
• Gives your driveway that new look.

Fill those cracks

Over the years, one of the first things that happen to asphalt pavement is cracking.
The causes of cracking include:
• Compromised gravel underneath the asphalt
• Excessive water exposure
• Excessive weight loads on the pavement
Cracks can cause the following problems:
• Gravel base deterioration
• Cause shrubbery and weeds to grow
• Additional cracks to spread

How often should I get it done?

It is always recommended to get your asphalt pavement sealcoated every 2-3 years. New asphalt pavement should be sealcoated after 6 months of installation to allow the new pavement to cure correctly.

Whats the cost?

The cost of sealcoating depends on the following:
• The size of the pavement
• The application type (Squeege, Brush, Spray)
• The application rate of material
Prices can range from 10-20 cents per square foot of your driveway.

Whats the procedure?

The procedure of maintaining your driveway is as follows:
• Cleaning of your pavement by broom and/or machine
• Removal of all shrubbery and grass from existing cracks.
• Crackfilling of all cracks 1/4″ to 1″ thick
• All corners and difficult areas to reach should be sealed by hand.
• Application of sealcoat to pavement
After the sealcoat has been applied, it is best to stay of the pavement for at least 24 hours.

What if I want to do myself?

For smaller driveways, it’s relatively inexpensive to complete yourself. Most of the supplies needed can be found at your local hardware store.
Items needed to do it yourself:
• Push broom to clean your driveway off
• Crackfiller – One gallons available
• 24″ squeegee / 24″ brush
• 5 gallon buckets of sealer
It’s usually a good idea to caution off your driveway upon completion.

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