What Is The Paving Process?

The paving process consist of three phases: Asphalt/Concrete Removal, Sub-base preparation, and Asphalt/Concrete Installation.

Asphalt / Concrete Removal

• Saw-cuts are completed to protect any pavement to remain.

• All asphalt/concrete will be removed by machines and laborers.

• Old material is then hauled off site.

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asphalt driveway base preparation web

Sub-Base Preparation

• The gravel (or Base) underneath the old pavement may need to be replaced.

• The base is then graded and pitched for proper water drainage.

• Once graded, the base is compacted prior to asphalt / concrete installation.

Asphalt / Concrete Installation

• Asphalt or concrete is then installed over the compacted gravel base.

• Asphalt is installed using a paving machine. Concrete is poured onto the pavement.

• Asphalt is then rolled and compacted. While concrete is leveled, finished, and allowed to set.

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