Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt Overlay - Asphalt Paving - Tack Coat ApplicationAsphalt overlays are the least expensive solution to renewing your asphalt surface. Unlike asphalt resurfacing or asphalt replacement, asphalt overlays require no removal of old asphalt.

Below is a list of benefits, requirements, and procedures for asphalt overlays.


• The appearance of new asphalt pavement without the cost associated with complete removal.
• Less down time for completing your project
• Lower cost then asphalt resurfacing or asphalt replacement.

Asphalt Pot Hole - Everlast Blacktop WebREQUIREMENTS:

• Existing asphalt pavement needs to be in stable condition with no major repairs needed
• No sub-base (gravel underneath asphalt) replacement needed
• All potholes, alligatored asphalt, and depressions should be repaired prior to installation of the new surface
• Consideration of existing height of concrete, curbs, gutters, storm sewers, and walkways
• Check with village for asphalt overlay requirements and water drainage issues

Tack Coat - Asphalt Paving - Everlast BlacktopPROCEDURE:

• All necessary repairs should be completed to the existing pavement prior to installation.
• The asphalt pavement should be cleared of all debris
• Storm sewers and other in place objects may need “risers” to compensate for the increased height of the new pavement
• A tack coat should be applied to the old pavement to help with binding of the new pavement
• Asphalt will then be installed. Typically 1-2″ of asphalt are applied in an asphalt overlay

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