Asphalt Removal & Replacement

Asphalt Removal & Replacement is required when asphalt repairs, overlays, and resurfacing may not be enough for your pavement. Below are a list of reasons and remedies for your asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Failure - Asphalt Removal & Replacement - Everlast Blacktop WebReasons for Asphalt Removal & Replacement Asphalt Failure – Asphalt Removal & Replacement – Everlast Blacktop Web

• Asphalt has reached it’s lifespan
• Pavement load capacity has been over reached and has caused too much damage
• Water Drainage has compromised the gravel underneath the asphalt pavement
• Failure to maintain the pavement (Sealcoating, Crackfilling, etc.) has caused early failure

Asphalt Resurfacing - Everlast Blacktop 18.1Asphalt Removal & Replacement Procedure

• Identify the reason for pavement failure
• Remove existing asphalt pavement
• Make any necessary changes prior to installing new asphalt pavement.
• Replace gravel underneath asphalt if necessary
• Re-grade and compact the gravel base underneath the asphalt.
• Install new pavement to proper thickness (this is ideal for asphalt
pavement that has increased weight / loads on the pavement)
• Roll and compact the pavement to the proper specifications.

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