What are the benefits of Seal Coating?

Restores Appearance:

Sealcoating provides a new looking, low-maintenance surface which will improve the appearance on any property.

Sun Blocker:

Protects asphalt from oxidation due to exposure to UV light from the sun. This oxidation turns driveways grey, and accelerates the degradation of the asphalt binder. A sealcoated service is significantly more resistant to oxidation than bare asphalt.


Sealer seals porous asphalt, which protects against water penetration and feeze/thaw damage, reducing cracking and protecting the base of the driveway from erosion.

Gas & Oil Resistant:

Asphalt is a product of the refining of petroleum, and as a result, it is vulnerable to attack by petroleum products. Gasoline spills and oil drips will ultimately eat away the asphalt binder and cause the pavement to fail. Sealer is made through a different process, and it is very resistant to petroleum products and other harsh chemicals.

Protects Your Investment:

Sealcoating can save real dollars for pavement owners. Many years of research has proven that proper maintenance including sealcoating can double the life of an asphalt pavement.

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