Asphalt Patching and Repairs

Asphalt patching and repair work is often the most inexpensive solution for your pavement repair needs.

Asphalt Pot Hole - Everlast Blacktop WebAsphalt potholes occur when:
• Moisture penetrates existing cracks
• Cracks multiply
• Asphalt breaks into small pieces
• Asphalt, dirt, and gravel are forced out from traveling vehicles or snow plows.

There are a few types of pot hole repair procedures that can be completed to correct pot holes:

Pot Hole RepairFilling in the asphalt problem: The easiest method of repair is to simply fill in the pot hole with hot or cold mix asphalt and compact.

• Remove broken asphalt, dirt, and gravel from pot hole.
• Apply a tack coat inside the pothole to help bind with the new asphalt.
• Install hot or cold mix asphalt with a shovel.
• Grade and compact the asphalt with a tamper.

This method is not the best looking solution, however it is relatively inexpensive and quick to complete.

Pot Hole Repair 2Saw cutting around the Pot Hole: Saw cutting around the perimeter of the problem area eliminates the pothole along with cracks surrounding it. It also provides a clean look to your repair work.

• Saw cut the perimeter of the pot hole
• Remove all asphalt inside the saw cuts
• Re-grade/replace gravel underneath old asphalt
• Install hot or cold mix asphalt with a shovel
• Grade and compact the asphalt with a tamper

Saw cutting your potholes will cost more to complete, however they are a overall better repair.  They also help maintain the appearance of your pavement.

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